perth’s body Recomposition Experts

At PPS we create Physiques that Boost Self-Confidence and Build Self-Belief

With Connection we find Clarity, Through Strength we build Confidence, Our Culture creates Change

PPS isn’t for the ‘Genetic Elite’ or the ’Athletically Gifted’.

We specialise in helping the everyday person achieve extraordinary results.
We don’t expect you to be perfect but we do expect you to be positive and be willing to help us - help you!









We aren't your typical Commercial Gym, average Cert-4 Personal-Trainers or Group Fitness Studio.

Within our Private-Gym’s you will be treated like more than ‘just another number’ in another 24/7 gym. We will hold you accountable to your goals. Ensuring you not only show up to each session, but show up and better yourself each week.

At pps we put the ‘personal’ back into personal-training.

We understand that you are a unique individual and you have individual needs that need catering for. Our mission is to help delivery the most personalised training experience possible in a community based supportive environment. Your training program, nutrition plan and even the way you perform certain movements will be tailored completely to your needs and your goals.

We don’t do ‘cookie-cutter programs’, crash-diets or hours of cardio.

Our Strength based approach to training will enable you to maintain a sustainable lifestyle and healthy relationship with food while you transform your life and optimise your performance as a person inside and outside the gym. We’ll help you realise your full potential and achieve extraordinary results and make new friendships that last a life-time.

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PPS Success Stories

We’ve helped countless people just like you transform their bodies, get stronger and improve their self-confidence.

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Our Training locations

Our private-gyms are perfect for those of you are either; intimidated by the regular 24/7 gym scene or someone who simply wants to train in a more supportive and non-commercial crowded environment.
Access is restricted to members only and the facilities are specifically designed to ensure you have the best training experience possible.

No more intimidation, waiting for equipment or constantly having to rack other peoples weights.
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Here at PPS, we are more than fellow gym members, we are a tribe, we are a family...
— Rebecca
I didnt just sign up to a gym, I became part of a community...
— Chantelle
I love being apart of the tribe...
— Matt