transformation Packages:

We help you save time & money by combining; Personal-Training, Nutrition, Accountability & Gym-Access into a unique all inclusive Transformation Package:




Our Induction Package is free for new members and includes:

  • Your Initial Consultation & Movement Screen

  • A Detailed Body Composition Assessment

  • 90-Day Goal Setting Session

  • A 45-Minute Introductory PT Session

The goal of this introductory process it to identify your exact starting point and your ideal outcome. This info will allow us to reverse engineer your goals and personalise your PPS training experience.

From here we can help you determine the best PPS Transformation Package for you:

Step 2: Your Coaching Options

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  • 1-1 base:

    2 x 45-minute Coaching Sessions Weekly

  • ppS 1-1 PREMIUM:

    3 x 45-minute Coaching Sessions Weekly

Our 1-1 training packages are the best option for someone isn’t suited to a group-training environment and prefers the full attention of their Coach.

This may include someone who; requires a flexible schedule, has physical limitations or simply isn’t comfortable training in the company of others just yet.

Enquire to learn more about pricing & availability:

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  • semi-private silver:

    2 x 45-Minute Sessions Weekly

  • semi-private gold:

    3 x 45-Minute Sessions Weekly

Have you ever tried a ‘group-fitness’ class and felt like you were lost in a sea of numbers?
When we say ‘small-group’ training, we mean it..

Our Semi-Private sessions are capped to 6-8 like-minded people of the same sex and exercise levels. This allows us to give you 1-1 attention, mixed with the supportive environment of group-training, at a fraction of the cost of regular 1-1 training.

Enquire to learn more about pricing & availability: