Nutritional & lifestyle Coaching

at pps it’s not a ‘diet’ - its a lifestyle

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Our Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching packages include:

  • Initial Consultation & Goal-Setting Session

  • Fortnightly Body Composition Assessments

  • Regular Check-Ins for Accountability

  • Weekly Support from your Coach

Our Approach to Nutrition

Fuel the Body - Don’t Deprive it

We believe in using food for fuel & nourish the body - not starve and deprive it.

Super restrictive low-calorie diets may help you lose weight in the short-term, but won’t help you look or feel better in the long-term.

Sustainability is King

Our philosiphy here is simple; If you don’t see yourself following a nutrition plan for 12-months +, it isn’t the right plan for you.

We don’t see the value in forcing someone to eat food they don’t enjoy for 12-weeks to achieve a goal, if they are only going to put the body-fat back on when they revert back to old habits.

Coaching > Diet Plans

A ‘one-off’ diet plan has an expiry date and we don’t believe in them.

By coaching and holding you accountable to your nutrition, we are able to monitor and provide continued feedback to help you see continued results.

Our Coaching service will help; break your beliefs around nutrition, improve your mindset and create sustainable habits, that will lead to a healthy relationship with food and results that last.

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