3 x Toasty Tips to Boost your Metabolism

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Your metabolism can be the difference between being able to eat 2500 calories or 1200 calories per day to lean for Summer.

Although there can be genetic factors involved, anyone who has a slow metabolism only has themselves and poor lifestyle habits to blame.

  • Sleep & Stress

  • Too much Cardio

  • Chronic undereating

If you are the type of person who; gains weight just from sniffing a Krispy Kreme, or you can’t see results unless you restrict yourself to an apple for lunch, an almond for dinner and sleep for dessert, you’ll need these toasty tips to fire up your sleepy metabolism:

#1 Sleep More

Prolonged periods of sleep deprivation (or too many benders) has proven to decrease our metabolic rate. A poor nights sleep will also play havoc on our hunger hormones - Leptin & Ghrelin.

Every craved sugary and salty foods after a late night? This is why - I’m sure many of our ‘office snackers’ can relate’

Snacking on high calorie treats while day dreaming at your desk is not going to do wonders for your waistline, especially with a slow metabolism.

#2 Lift More

Your muscle-mass and metabolic rate have a very good relationship. A higher muscle-mass leads to a higher metabolic rate.

You won’t gain muscle walking on the treadmill for 60-minutes each day. These types of steady state cardio sessions have also proven to slow down the bodies metabolic rate.

You only gain muscle by lifting.

Secondary to this we can also benefit from the ‘after-burn’ of lifting weights. After a weight-training session our bodies metabolism is on fire or up to 24-hours, allowing us to burn more calories at rest.

#3 Eat More

This is a little ironic - but the only way to teach your body to be able to eat more is to EAT MORE!

After spending months in a caloric deficit or starving ourselves to lose weight, our body down regulates it’s metabolism in an effort to conserve energy. This is why it’s common for these people to stop seeing results and eventually put all the weight back on.

This can be reversed by slowly increasing our calories until our metabolism returns to it’s normal state. However, the easiest way to avoid this happening is to avoid low-calorie diets.

You don’t always need to perform daily cardio sessions or follow calorie restrictive diets to see results in the gym - this will only need to damage further down the track.

Start sleeping, lifting and eating more to wake up your sleepy metabolism, so you can start seeing results that last, while enjoying the lifestyle you love.

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