Perth’s Body Recomposition Experts

Physique; The form, size, and development of a person's body.
Performance; The action or process of performing a task or function.
Specialists; A person highly skilled in a specific and restricted field.

We help people build; leaner, muscular, stronger physiques without spending hours in the gym or following restricitve diets - even if they have no gym experience.

Our Core Philosiphies

you are a name, not a number

We stand against what your regular ‘Commercial Gym’ stands for.

Say goodbye to that 24/7 Gym membership you never use (but are locked in to paying for).
Most Gyms have a standard ‘no show’ rate of at least 80%, At PPS we expect nothing less than 100% attendance. If you miss a session, you’ll hear from us within 30 minutes to find out why and hold you accountable.

we are specialists, not generalists

When you want specialist health advice, you don’t see a GP,
So when you want specialist Strength or Recomp Coaching, you shouldn’t see a general PT.

We are specialised Strength & Body Recomposition Coaches.

Our level of expertise & experience extends beyond the simple 12-Week course most Personal-Trainers are exposed to. We practise what we preach and are continually upskilling to ensure we are the best equipped in our field to help you achieve your goals.

personalised experience - community environment

The strength of the individual is the team, the strength of the team is the individual.

We understand that you are special and unique and you deserve to be treated this way. You won’t be lost in a sea of numbers at a large group fitness class at PPS, nor will you be exposed to a ‘cookie cutter’ low-calorie diet.

We also understand the power of ‘strength in community’ - bringing individuals together to work towards common goals.

We’ll customise the entire transformation experience for you, to help you achieve your goals with the support of like-minded inviduals within our training community.


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