We are Perth's Premier Body Composition, Strength & Nutrition Specialists

We help the everyday person achieve extraordinary results.

Our mission is to help empower you to transform your life and improve your self-confidence, in a supportive environment which enables you to perform at your peak as an individual.

At Physique Performance Specialists we do things a little differently:


Non-Commercial Training Environment

In the Fitness Industry, the expected 'no-show' rate at a typical Commercial Gym is 80%.
At our Training Facilities, we expect nothing less than a 100% regular attendance.

Unlike your typical commercial gym, you won’t be treated like ‘just another number’ and you won’t become another ‘statistic’ who pays for their gym membership for 12 months and barely uses it.

We’ll hold you accountable to your goals and ensure you not only show up to each scheduled session, but show up and better yourself each week.

Being a private facility that also means; no intimidation, judgement or lack of culture.
Our ‘Culture is King’ at PPS; we promote our facilities as a place of acceptance, where all exercises levels are welcome. We aren’t for the ‘Elite’ but we are for people with ‘Elite Attitudes’,  as long as you are positive and willing to change, PPS is the place for you.

Beyond basic Personal Training

Your typical Personal-Trainer studies for 6-12 weeks before entering the industry. They are trained to count your reps, load your plates and handle the basics of fitness.

Our Coaches are qualified and experienced in Body Recomposition, Sports Nutrition and Strength-Training. They are constantly up-skilled and always practise what they preach.

This means we  specialise in what you actually want; fat-loss, muscle-gain, strength, performance and transformation. We have walked in your shoes before, we can empathise, we understand your pain and know exactly how break down those barriers and solve your problems.

Not Large Group Fitness

At PPS we don’t do fitness classes or large group fitness.

Typically these types of services are impersonal, uncontrolled and it’s easy for you to become lost in the background amongst a sea of people.

Our Semi-Private Personal Training packages are unlike any other group fitness program in the industry. You’ll train in a small group of up to 6 people with your Coach. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded people of the same exercise level and even the same gender. This means if you are new to the gym, you aren’t surrounded by pro’s or if you are a female, you aren’t training with 5 other screaming guys.

Our aim is to deliver the most personal group training experience possible, which means you benefit from the 1-1 attention of your Coach, at a fraction of the investment, in a supportive community like environment.

Body Recomposition: fat-loss Not Weight-Loss. Strength, Not Cardio

We have nothing against Cardio, it is good for your health and basic weight-loss.

At PPS our primary focus at PPS is Body Recomposition which is the increase in muscle-mass and reducing body-fat.

A drop in body-weight doesn't guarantee a drop in body-fat. In our experience those who focus purely on a weight-loss based outcome either plateau easily or achieve results that don’t last. We teach our clients to focus on their body composition and the weight on the bar, not the weight on the scales. Teaching them ‘how to transform their body, not destroy their body.’

This is achieved by focusing on improving strength and performance in the gym. We measure all our workouts using the exclusive PPS training app and train to be a better person each week. Our strength based approach to training enables you to achieve more sustainable results, save time by training less and maintain a balanced lifestyle.

lifestyle changes - not diets

At PPS we believe in eating for performance.

We don’t ‘diet’, restrict or starve our clients. We believe in using food to fuel and nourish our bodies. Enabling our clients to make sustainable lifestyle changes so they can see results that last a lifetime.

At PPS we are your nutritional accountants. You tell us what foods you want to eat and we’ll tell you how much you can fit in to your daily intake, when we write your plan. In our experience we find that those who focus on ‘dieting’ or restricting themselves end up developing unhealthy relationships with food and only see short-term results in the gym.

Through our nutritional guidance you’ll learn to: make smarter food choices while eating a balance of foods you enjoy, enabling you to fuel your performance in the gym and see results in the mirror.

No: ‘Would you like fries with that?’

At PPS we offer an all inclusive transformation experience with no strings attached.

Unlike other Gyms you don’t have to buy a gym membership, personal-training or nutritional advice all separately. Our membership offers everything you need all in one place; Personal Training, Nutrition, Gym Access, Accountability, Support and Education.

So you don’t need to pay extra or seek advice in multiple different places. Helping to deliver to you, an all in one transformation solution, while saving you time and money.


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