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33 Year Old Desk-worker Clint, had let the office life and weekend festivities grow on his belly and he found himself unhappy with how he looked. He’s now in the shape of his life at PPS and there is no looking back.

After gaining some holiday weight, 24-Year old "Pocket Rocket" Lil' came to PPS as she wanted more accountability to get back in shape for Summer. Lil’s confidence skyrocketed at PPS and she completely transformed her body for the PPS Photoshoot.

38 old year Tradie and Father of two - Steve joined PPS 9 months ago.  After doing the whole regular gym thing and not sticking to anything consistently or seeing any results, he's now in the best shape of his life

Chantelle came to PPS to help regain her confidence, get back in shape and to meet new people after a major car accident. She's now in the best shape of her life has a strong support network and has met some life-long friends.

Becoming a business owner meant Bobby no longer had the time or energy to train on his own and be able to hold himself accountable.  He came to PPS to reduce stress, get back in shape and to look after his health.

32 Year old Office-worker Michel was our 'Community Member of the Year'. He came to PPS as he was bored at his regular gym and wanted an extra push with his training.  At PPS he's found out that; The culture was completely different to his old gym and the environment was far more supportive.

32 year-old Mum Lauren is a big fan of the; Supportive, community-like training environment at PPS. She now describes herself as being 'Much stronger, fitter and leaner' than she's ever been in her life.

31 year old father and desk jockey Jacob; came to PPS wanting to 'get his a** in to gear and get back in shape.  After finding out how he wasn't eating enough to achieve his goals, we increased his calories and and he's now on his way to eating himself in to the best shape of his life.



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