Simplify Food for Fat-Loss in #5 Easy Steps

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Most people struggle with nutrition for fat-loss and muscle-gain because:


B) Have their nutritional PRIORITIES out of order

They become paralysed by fear as they doubt themselves due to all the contradictory information out there surrounding dieting & nutrition..

“How many meals per day should I eat and how many hours between meals!?”

“What supplements can I take to lose the belly?”

“Should I be eating Carbs after 6pm!?”

Sounds familiar right?

Here’s the order of priority we focus on at PPS






Which differs from most people (including myself) when they first start out in the gym..

Step 1: Workout your Calories:

Think of calories as fuel for your body. Knowing your daily calories is the first step to taking control of your nutrition for fat-loss.

The amount of food you eat will dictate any changes in your bodyweight.
The amount of calories you are able to eat will depend on factors such as; your current body composition, age, sex & activity levels.

Think of your car..

Every week it travels a certain distance (i.e. your activity levels) and requires fuel to do so (i.e. your calories).
The amount of fuel it needs will depends on those KM’s travelled, the size of the car and displacement of the engine.

Know your daily required calorie intake before worrying about anything else.

Step 2: Manage your Macronutrients:

Once your know your daily calorie intake, the key to understanding exactly what type of foods you eat will be determined by the Macronutrients (Protein, Carbs & Fats) that help to make up those calories.

If calories are known to control changes in your bodyweight,
Macronutrients will be known to change your body composition

Protein helps to build & repair your muscle
Carbs supply you with energy
Fats help to regulate your hormones

All of which are very important factors when it comes to gaining muscle and burning body-fat.
The amount of Protein, Carbs & Fats you consume will depend on your goals & body composition.

By knowing your macro’s, you will be able to include a lot more variety into your nutrition plan - Saving you from eating the same food everyday.

Step 3: Micronutrients/Food Choices

Now that you know how much food to eat - ‘or how much fuel to put in your tank’

You need to know what foods are best for you - ‘or the quality of fuel you put in your tank’

To a degree you COULD eat whatever you wanted as long as you hit your calories & macro’s, BUT you wouldn’t feel or perform at your best.

Micronutrients are the Vitamins and Minerals you consume in your diet.
The food choices you make dictate how you nourish your body for optimal health & performance.

Just like regularly servicing your car, topping up the coolant and checking the oil.

To make sure you can get the best of both worlds, aim to 80% whole foods and 20% fun stuff!

Step 4: Meal timing & frequency

No Carbs after 6,
Eat 6 x per day - every 2 hours,
Drinking a protein shake immediately after your workout..

All massive fitness MYTHS that we have all been sucked into following before.

When you eat is far less important than What you eat.

When it comes to body composition, all that matters is that you eat all your required calories & macro’s by the end of day. When you eat them will have no impact on your goals.

Simply time your meals around your social, training & lifestyle to ensure your are fuelled to tackle the day..

Step 5: Supplementation

Supplements are simply designed to fill the gaps.

Most people make the mistake of focusing on Supplements like Protein Powders and Fat-Burners before focusing on their Calories & Macro’s etc.

Get all your nutritional priorities in order, find what’s missing and use supplementation to cover your bases i.e. Put fuel in your car (calories) before worrying about fuel additives (supplements)

I’m sure this has got you thinking about your nutrition and where you maybe making mistakes.

Are your priorities out of order? Are you fuelling your car for optimal performance in the Gym?

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