"Good" - How to Keep a Positive Mindset in the gym

One of my favourite books of recent time is “Tools Of The Titans” - Tim Ferris; which is a great book that is actually made up of various contributions from other successful entrepreneurs, movies stars and athletes etc.
My favourite chapter from the book, and probably the most useful piece of material I have learned and been able to implement over the last 10 months is titled “Good” - Jocko Willink (Navy Seal)

The Skinny on Sugar: Sugar is not the enemy, excess calories are...

"Sugar is bad because it can only be stored as body fat"

This is what we have been led to believe by the media these days and although the argument that sugary foods are bad and unhealthy is true at the holistic level, when it comes to body composition it’s just another fitness myth.

Sugar is a carbohydrate and like any other carbohydrate, it is worth a mere 4 calories per gram, the same amount as protein.

When it comes to body composition or the art of fat loss and muscle gain, we know that on a basic level we can work off ‘calories in vs calories out’, while your macronutrient (protein/carb/fat) split is what will fine tune things for you.