Case Study: Why You Should Ditch The Scales & Treadmill for Fat-Loss

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Learn how Patrick dropped 15% Body-Fat while staying the SAME bodyweight, without performing Cardio or training 5-6 x days per week

Your value is worth more than a number on a scale and you shouldn’t let that number dictate your level of self-confidence.
Contrary to popular belief, you can actually get leaner and drop body-fat while gaining (or at least maintaining) your weight on the scales.


As evidence of this claim, we present Patrick and his extraordinary 16-month PPS Transformation. Patrick actually gained +400g on the scales while reducing his body-fat % by 14.9%. Although the numbers may not mean much to everyone, the photographic evidence is clear. He has made a substantial physical transformation.

How is it possible to gain weight and lose body-fat?

There is no magic tricks involved here (or ‘unnatural’ supplement protocols)

It’s actually pretty simple and straightforward.

Once we explain the process of Body Recomposition, which Patrick went through. It will set off a light-bulb moment and seem pretty simple to you too. The secret to getting leaner, without having to drop body weight does not lie in your DIET or NUTRITION, it lies in your training. 

At PPS we take a 0 Cardio approach to Fat-Loss and STRENGTH TRAINING was a key element in Patricks successful transformation.

FAT-LOSS isn’t about DIETING, doing CARDIO or reducing BODYWEIGHT.
FAT-LOSS is the outcome of increasing your LEAN-MUSCLE MASS and controlling your BODYWEIGHT.

So when Patrick came to us wanting ‘lose the belly’ and told us he was already doing cardio every day in the gym, while eating next to nothing. We knew exactly why he hadn’t achieved any results and knew exactly what to do, to turn things around.

We use a measured nutritional approach, where the prescribed calories and macronutrients were in place to keep his body weight steady (maintenance level). He had enough calories to fuel his performance but not enough to ‘spill over’ or gain too much weight.

His training approach is where the magic happened…

We ditched the treadmill and scaled his activity right down…

That’s right we had him moving less...

focusing on quality over quantity in the gym... 

and just saving all his energy to move as much weight as possible when he trained.

This allowed him to make some amazing strength gains where we ended up being able Squat 220KG, Bench 130KG and Deadlift 230KG (In a sanctioned Powerlifting Comp) from scratch, as he had no prior lifting experience.

Patrick's new found strength and muscle-mass, enabled him to compete in a sanctioned Powerlifting competition where he performed well

Patrick's new found strength and muscle-mass, enabled him to compete in a sanctioned Powerlifting competition where he performed well

The environment we created for muscle growth allowed his Lean-Mass to sky rocket.
His Bodyweight has mentioned, was kept steady and calories would be manipulated with weight fluctuations. 

As his metabolic rate was always rising due to the muscle he was packing on, we had to increase his food intake multiple times. His progress was tracked with body-fat tests, not just weight measurements. 

Where we could break down exactly how his body was tracking each week. There were many times where we had to reassure him that the process was working, due to the scales reaching upwards of 1-2kg over his original body weight.

The end result was you saw before you, slightly heavier frame but packing much more muscle and a new flashy 6-pack.

The #4 Step Process

1. Use Nutrition to control your bodyweight
2. Ditch the cardio and use Strength training to increase your muscle mass
3. Measure your progress using a body composition tool (not the scales)
4. The outcome will be fat-loss but shouldn’t be the primary focus

So if you are; struggling to get leaner and drop body-fat, without having to dramatically reduce your calories or do 6 cardio sessions per week, try taking a STRENGTH based approach to body composition and focus on LEAN MASS gain, NOT fat-loss. The fat-loss will purely be a bi-product of your muscle gain via strength training.

Do us one more favour, toss the scales out the window and stop weighing yourself every day. 
As you can clearly see, if we had used the scales as a measure of Patrick’s progress, he would not have been a happy man!

Have you Body Composition analyzed using a Pinch Test, Bio Impedance test or DEXA scan for a more accurate break down of what you are really made of...

When getting your results back, focus purely on lean-mass gained/lost not the body fat% and you will see results you never thought were possible.