The PPS Approach to Body Transformations

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In the Body Composition & Body Transformation world, the most common method to induce fat-loss is to ‘Eat Less & Move More’.
This is typically based around creating a ‘Calorie Deficit’
i.e. eating less food than you burn to encourage your body to use body-fat for fuel.

The only problem with this method in the long-term, is that the body will always adapt.

Which means; you have to continually reduce calories, or increase exercise to be in a caloric deficit and eventually you start to hit rock-bottom, causing your results to plateau.


There is another way,
A way that doesn’t involve eating child size servings of food each day , while training your body in to the ground.
This method is healthier, more sustainable and could involve actually eating more food than you have eaten before, while you continue to burn body-fat & get stronger.

The only downside?

It involves two ingredients that most people are afraid of and aren’t sexy words to use in the fitness industry;

Patience & Hard-Work.

Patrick was able to maintain the same body-weight throughout this 12-month Transformation, while showing significant visual changes.

Patrick was able to maintain the same body-weight throughout this 12-month Transformation, while showing significant visual changes.


At PPS when it comes to Body Composition or ‘Transformations’, we prefer to focus on building healthy habits that lead to sustainable outcomes.

We use; Strength Training as a tool for Fat-Loss, limiting any types of High Intensity Circuit Training or Steady State Cardio, in an effort to ‘Train for the Body we want, not Punish the one we have’.

We can use the power of Strength-Training to ‘Create our own Caloric Deficit’ for our Clients.


We measure our Client’s Body-Mass in two forms; Lean-Muscle Mass (Fat-Free Mass) and Body-Fat Mass.

We know Strength builds Muscle - Providing you are out-performing yourself each week and creating an environment that encourages growth (i.e. Lifting like a mad man or woman).

We also know that the more Muscle our Client’s carry - the faster their metabolism is, or the more food they can eat without gaining weight.


If we eat enough food to maintain your body-mass (weight),
Lift enough weights to build lean-muscle mass,
The outcome will always be fat-loss.

As a bonus; each time our body adapts and our metabolism increases,
We can actually increase the amount of food we eat to maintain our body-weight, fuel more muscle growth and burn even more body-fat.

At PPS, this is what we define as a true and sustainable Body Transformation.

Instead of lower energy, lighter on the scales and decreased performance

We can use our methods to:

  • Improve energy levels,

  • Increase our metabolic rate,

  • Gain lean-mass

  • Get Stronger

While achieving results that last.

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