Fat-Loss, Breaking Away From the Nerd & Unsupportive Peers


It’s morning tea time in the office...

You are 4 weeks deep in to your fat-loss program and about to sit down with a Tupperware container full of Chicken, Rice and Greens…

The rest of the office are half way through a box of Donuts and are feeling the need to exclude you or rub it in your face:

“Come on, just have a bite.”

“Live a little.”

“All you care about is your gains and your body.”

“We are all gonna end up in a hole in the ground anyway.”
(Yeah people actually say that)

Breaking Away From The Herd

It is extremely common that; when you decide to break away from the ‘herd’, go ‘against the grain’, be ‘different’ and make a positive change in lifestyle, that you will have to deal with large amounts of negative criticism or unwarranted peer pressure.

It started in the school yard as kids and unfortunately it continues in to our adult lives. Sadly it’s not just limited to random co-workers either, It can even come from friends, family and your very own partner.

Over the years I have had to console (and even have been targeted myself) a lot of clients who have been victims of bullying, after starting training and nutrition programs with us.
It can be due to their own insecurities, their fear of your success, their fear of change or even the fear that you will leave their ‘herd’.

Starve It or Feed It

Whatever the reason may be, I’ve learned that there are two ways that you can deal with ‘haters’ or this form of bullying...

‘Starve the fire’ or ‘Feed it oxygen’

You can let the ‘fire burn out’ by ignoring it...
Staying true to your values or beliefs and rise above the flames...
Or you can help the fire grow, ‘feed it oxygen’ by biting back...
Showing them that it effects and ultimately let it defeat you...

Option 1 is my preference.

They say ‘living well is the best revenge’...
By making the change you desire and taking the action required to get in the best physical and mental shape of your life, you are likely to get the ‘haters’ off your back and turn them into ‘supporters’.

If the ‘haters’ were friends or family, you now have the opportunity to inspire and motivate them to take action as well. This doesn’t just turn them in to ‘supporters’ but it also turns in to ‘team mates’ that are playing the same game as you.

If you have been in the same situation before, let me know about your experience...

Have you been able to inspire people who were once unsupportive of your positive actions?

Are you still experiencing issues?

Are you going to let others insecurities, stand in the way of your desire to improve your physical, mental and emotional health?

Johnny Allen (Founder/Director)