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Why Diets Don't Work: How To Beat The Binge And See Results That Last In The Gym

Have you ever gone through the pain and frustration of losing a lot of excess body-weight in an effort to feel: healthier, more comfortable and more confident?

You did all the right things the media tells you to do…

You cut out sugar, stopped eating carbs after 6pm, cut yourself off socially and only ate ‘healthy’ food…

You went all in and for a short while, it worked.

The weight melted off and for what felt like a split second, you saw big changes in the mirror.

But something was wrong; you felt hollow and empty inside and felt the results didn’t quite match the extreme effort you put in. Then unfortunately the results you did see, didn’t last...

Fat-Loss and Breaking Away from The Herd: How to Deal With Unsupportive Peers

It’s morning tea time in the office...

You are 4 weeks deep in to your fat-loss program and about to sit down with a Tupperware container full of Chicken, Rice and Greens…

The rest of the office are half way through a box of Donuts and are feeling the need to exclude you or rub it in your face:

“Come on, just have a bite.”

“Live a little.”

“All you care about is your gains and your body.”

“We are all gonna end up in a hole in the ground anyway.”
(Yeah people actually say that)

The Truth About 'Balance' and Fat-Loss in the Gym

I had a great conversation a few weeks ago with one of our tribe members about ‘balance’ -  which inspired this piece. He had checked-in a week prior and achieved some pretty decent results in terms of fat-loss and muscle-gain.

I asked how he felt about his results, to which he responded:

“I’m happy with my check-in. I could have achieved even more, but I’ve also allowed myself to go out, enjoy some meals and have a few beers with the boys. So unless I wanted to give those sort of things up completely, I’ll stay content with these sort of results.”

I couldn’t have anticipated a better response from him. He had hit the nail on the head and I agreed with his approach completely.

The Power of Perspective and Dangers of Comparison

"How on earth do you Bench 'x' kg?!"

- One of our tribe members asked me this yesterday when comparing his Bench-Press to my Bench-Press. He has only been with us for a short-time (less than 9 months) and has come from barely being able to press the bar, to now being able to complete 80KG for multiple reps.