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The PPS Results Based Workout Formula

If surveying most novice gym goers training, for body composition or strength,
“What program do you follow?”

Most would answer with either;

“Nothing, I just randomly use what equipment is available at the Gym and smash it”


They would follow a typical body-part split or what we refer to as the ‘Bro-Split’

I.e. Monday: Chest Day, Tuesday: Back Day, Wednesday: Leg Day and so on..

For anyone wanting to get stronger, burn body-fat or gain muscle we wouldn’t suggest either option and I’m sure if you have been in this situation before - you would probably agree...

How to Deal With Stress and Still Achieve Your Goals in the Gym

Stress can be a results killer…

If you want to lose body-fat or gain muscle, it’s paramount to keep your stress levels under control.
Maybe it’s financial stress, relationship troubles or your boss has been on your case all day.

Either way, the release of the stress hormone - Cortisol, can lead to poor decision making and leaves you much more vulnerable to fat-gain, especially around the ol’ mid-section.

After a long stressful day of work or a break-up, skipping the gym and binging on Netflix, while downing an entire packet of Tim-Tams can seem pretty damn appealing right!?

The Definitive Deadlift Guide - Part 1

At Physique Performance Specialists the Deadlift is the KING of all exercises…

To us, it is the chief indicator of our client overall strength and muscle mass.
If your deadlift numbers are going up, you’re gaining muscle and if you are gaining muscle, your ability to burn fat and get leaner dramatically increases.

The Deadlift targets specifically the posterior chain (your glutes, hamstrings, lower back and upper back) which for 90% of the sedentary population is almost a non-existent muscle group which has adverse effects on the posture and functionality, thus putting them at greater risk of injury.


A great reward always comes with a great risk…

Female Fat-Loss 101: Will Lifting Weights Make Me "Bulky"?

“I don’t want to lift weights, I just want to lose fat and get toned”

As Female Transformation Specialists, we hear this phrase or similar countless times.
A lot of women have this misconception of becoming "bulky" or too big when it comes to lifting weights in the gym.

In our opinion Strength-Training is the most effective & enjoyable method of training for Women looking to burn body-fat - Let us explain why: