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Weight-Loss vs Recomp: Why We Don't Believe in Weight-Loss at PPS

Weight-Loss: The reduction of one’s body-weight as a whole
Body Recomposition:
The Positive Manipulation of Muscle-Mass while Reducing Body-Fat

This is why we don’t believe in measuring your progress on the scales at PPS

Let’s dive into this topic a little more..

Female Fat-Loss 101: Will Lifting Weights Make Me "Bulky"?

“I don’t want to lift weights, I just want to lose fat and get toned”

As Female Transformation Specialists, we hear this phrase or similar countless times.
A lot of women have this misconception of becoming "bulky" or too big when it comes to lifting weights in the gym.

In our opinion Strength-Training is the most effective & enjoyable method of training for Women looking to burn body-fat - Let us explain why: