The Motivational Myth: Why we don't believe in 'Motivation' at PPS


“I just lack motivation”

- Says most people who haven’t been achieving their goals in the Gym

However we don’t really buy into the whole ‘motivation’ thing here at PPS.

When I get hit with the whole ‘lack of motivation’ spiel in an initial consult or a client check-in; I like to dive a little deeper and every time I do, I pin-point the same 4 things that have been lacking. And these 4 things are the real reason these people haven’t achieved their goals or feel ‘unmotivated’

Motivation will get you started in the Gym, but it won’t keep you going.

These 4 things are the 4-Pillars of success at PPS:

So I want you to ask yourself:
”When I was trying to make a change, was I lacking motivation or was I lacking..”

  • Discipline

  • Consistency

  • Accountability

  • Patience


It’s not about being ‘motivated’ to stick to your; new nutrition, training or lifestyle plan but it's about having the discipline to say - ‘No, that’s why I’m in this situation in the first place’.

If you come to PPS with a fat-loss goal or the aim of building some muscle; we like to try and design our plans and programs as best we can around your current social, lifestyle and dietary habits.

But the simple fact remains that your past habits are the reason you’re reading this right now and wanting to finally succeed where a the past version of you has failed.

Motivation - will 100% NOT help you give up these old habits, but Discipline will


Long-Term Consistency Trumps Short-Term Intensity’

The ‘motivated’ are able to hit the Gym and follow their nutrition plan’s a few days a week, when it suits them.

The ‘consistent’ are able to hit the Gym and follow their nutrition plan’s every day of the week, even if it’s a pain in the a** sometimes

It’s important to know that ‘Small Habits Performed Consistently Over Time, Lead to Great Results’.

A short burst of motivation therefore will only get you so far, but as soon you face some potential barriers; Social events, The flu, Perth Winter, relationship break-up, or even just a crappy day at work - you’ll become unstuck.

However Mr or Mrs Consistency will take it all on their strides and continue to strive towards their goals in the Gym, day in and day out


Once you set a goal in the Gym - You’re chances of achieving this goal can increase by 70% just by having someone hold you accountable

When you lack motivation, you let yourself off the hook easily (essentially not holding yourself accountable)

”Had a bad day at work - I’ll just skip the Gym, no one will know”
”Partner just broke up with me - I’ll drown my sorrows in this tub of icecream, no one will know”

However when someone (or a group of people) are their to hold you accountable, you’ll know when you let them and yourself down.

At PPS 90% of what we do is Accountability. Your Coach ensures you not only turn up to the Gym, but also that you perform at your best. Your Community holds you accountable via. Social Pressure. And regular check-in’s and body composition assessments hold you accountable to your nutrition.

We’ve created an environment that almost makes it impossible to not achieve your goals in the Gym


Good things come to those who wait right?

Those who rely on motivation, typically expect fast, quick-fix style results.
They hit the gym and follow their nutrition plans for a month or two; but when their results don’t meet their expectations, they feel disappointed and ‘lack the motivation’ to continue to follow this path.

However with a little dash of patience (and maybe some realistic expectations) you’ll be able to continue to make changes until you see the results in the Gym you are after.

Remember that this is a long game.
The ‘motivated’ follow diets - the patient make sustainable lifestyle changes.
The 'motivated’ are in shape for a wedding or a holiday - the patient are in shape for the rest of the life.

If you are suffering a from a ‘lack of motivation’ in the Gym this Winter, click the button below to TAKE ACTION and will help you find your ‘motivation’ and keep it for the rest of your life: