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The Truth About 'Balance' and Fat-Loss in the Gym

I had a great conversation a few weeks ago with one of our tribe members about ‘balance’ -  which inspired this piece. He had checked-in a week prior and achieved some pretty decent results in terms of fat-loss and muscle-gain.

I asked how he felt about his results, to which he responded:

“I’m happy with my check-in. I could have achieved even more, but I’ve also allowed myself to go out, enjoy some meals and have a few beers with the boys. So unless I wanted to give those sort of things up completely, I’ll stay content with these sort of results.”

I couldn’t have anticipated a better response from him. He had hit the nail on the head and I agreed with his approach completely.

The Definitive Deadlift Guide Part 3

There’s been a sudden rise of wide stance or Sumo Deadlift in recent times.
This can probably be attributed to the rise of Powerlifting within the general public, as it’s very common for Powerlifters to be seen pulling Sumo in their meets.

But as a general lifter or your average gym goer, should you be pulling Sumo too?
Are you pulling Sumo just to follow the trend and be like your favourite Instagram athletes, or do you have a valid reason to be?

Do This - Not That in the gym...

Do This - Not That in the gym...

When it comes to starting out in the gym, if you want the best start possible and want to see results as quickly as possible (who doesn’t right?), it’s important to build the most solid training foundation possible, so that when the ‘walls go up’ later on, your results don’t stall and you don’t risk reaching a certain a point in your training and find out there’s a lot of functional or physiological ‘cracks and leaks’ that are pretty hard by this stage, to go back and ‘repair’.

Weight-Loss vs Recomp: Why We Don't Believe in Weight-Loss at PPS

Weight-Loss: The reduction of one’s body-weight as a whole
Body Recomposition:
The Positive Manipulation of Muscle-Mass while Reducing Body-Fat

Many people (maybe even yourself) have embarked on a weight-loss journey before. It’s pretty simple to lose body-weight - You move more and eat less.
But the outcome is always the same. No matter how much our weight drops, we are never happy with the physical outcome and it becomes an endless pursuit for happiness.

The Motivational Myth: Lack 'Motivation' in the Gym? Think Again!

“I just lack motivation”

- Says most people who haven’t been achieving their goals in the Gym

However we don’t really buy into the whole ‘motivation’ thing here at PPS.

When I get hit with the whole ‘lack of motivation’ spiel in an initial consult or a client check-in; I like to dive a little deeper and every time I do, I pin-point the same 4 things that have been lacking. And these 4 things are the real reason these people haven’t achieved their goals or feel ‘unmotivated’

Motivation will get you started in the Gym, but it won’t keep you going.

These 4 things are the 4-Pillars of success at PPS: