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Why Diets Don't Work: How To Beat The Binge And See Results That Last In The Gym

Have you ever gone through the pain and frustration of losing a lot of excess body-weight in an effort to feel: healthier, more comfortable and more confident?

You did all the right things the media tells you to do…

You cut out sugar, stopped eating carbs after 6pm, cut yourself off socially and only ate ‘healthy’ food…

You went all in and for a short while, it worked.

The weight melted off and for what felt like a split second, you saw big changes in the mirror.

But something was wrong; you felt hollow and empty inside and felt the results didn’t quite match the extreme effort you put in. Then unfortunately the results you did see, didn’t last...

Beyond Weight-Loss: What is Body Recomposition

Have you ever lost a tonne of weight in an effort to ‘look good naked’ or improve your self-confidence?

Maybe you even dropped a few CM’s around the waist or a few sizes in clothing…

But, you were never quite satisfied with the outcome or with what you saw in the mirror?

Do This - Not That in the gym...

Do This - Not That in the gym...

When it comes to starting out in the gym, if you want the best start possible and want to see results as quickly as possible (who doesn’t right?), it’s important to build the most solid training foundation possible, so that when the ‘walls go up’ later on, your results don’t stall and you don’t risk reaching a certain a point in your training and find out there’s a lot of functional or physiological ‘cracks and leaks’ that are pretty hard by this stage, to go back and ‘repair’.

Why We Prioritise Strength-Training over Cardio for Fat-Loss

“Why are there no Treadmills at your Gym? My goal is fat-loss!”
”I really want to focus on fast fat-loss, when should I start doing Cardio?”
“I don’t want to get too muscly, just tone up a little. Maybe strength-training isn;t for me?”

I’m sure you wonder the same things yourself and have found yourself in this very same situation.

After transforming 1000’s of physiques across Perth over the past 5 years, we feel we have the right formula in place for sustainable fat-loss & muscle-gain.

Yet, we are still presented with similiar questions each week in the Gym.