Female Training

How to Beat the Binge and see Results that Last

Have you ever gone to extreme measures to see results as fast as possible in the Gym?

If so, you are of many who have heavily restricted themselves and followed extreme diets out of desperation to shed large amounts of body-fat.

The chances are also very high that you struggle to maintain those results and could possible suffer from binge eating or an eating disorder.

Here’s why this will never work for you and how to break yourself free from this never ending cycle

Strength-Training vs Cardio for Body Composition

“Why are there no Treadmills at your Gym? My goal is fat-loss!”
”I really want to focus on fast fat-loss, when should I start doing Cardio?”
“I don’t want to get too muscly, just tone up a little. Maybe strength-training isn;t for me?”

I’m sure you wonder the same things yourself and have found yourself in this very same situation.

After transforming 1000’s of physiques across Perth over the past 5 years, we feel we have the right formula in place for sustainable fat-loss & muscle-gain.

Yet, we are still presented with similar questions each week in the Gym.