Female Fat-Loss 101: Will Lifting Weights Make Me "Bulky"?

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Weight training for Female Fat Loss

No, weight training won't make you bulky

“I don’t want to lift weights, I just want to lose fat and get toned”

As Female Transformation Specialists, we hear this phrase or similar countless times.
A lot of women have this misconception of becoming "bulky" or too big when it comes to lifting weights in the gym.

Weight training is actually the most effective method when it comes to training for fat-loss and in our opinion it is definitely the most enjoyable. Our clients would take a 45-60 minute weight session over an arduous and boring 60-120 minute walk on a treadmill any day of the week.

Top 3 reason’s why we love Strength-Training for Female Fat-Loss:

1.    Increased Metabolism:
Our Ladies get to eat more on a daily basis (who wouldn’t love that!?)

2.    More Energy:
It can help to increase hormone production, giving you more energy and preventing future fat-gain

3.    Strong is Sexy:
It can help to increase your strength and confidence both inside and outside the gym.

Ladies, if you’re not convinced or sitting on the fence here, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of weight training for female fat-loss.

Increased Metabolism

When you train for strength, you will increase your Lean-Muscle Mass (or LBM for short). An increase in LBM leads to an increase in your metabolic rate allowing your body to burn more calories on a daily basis.

When you increase your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR for short), it will also allow you to consume more food without gaining weight, as your body will need more energy to function when doing your daily activities (sleeping, walking the dog, working, shopping etc).

When you increase your calorie intake you will perform better in the gym, allowing you to perform better each week, which will again increase more lean muscle.

So again the cycle continues; lift weights, increase lean muscle mass, faster metabolism, burn more calories, eat more food, shred fat for summer and repeat.

Sold yet?

More Energy

Let’s dive a little deeper and talk female hormones for fat-loss.

The amount of fat and muscle you carry, appears to have great influence on your hormonal system.
For instance; excess fat tissue makes your body resistant to insulin (iIsulin helps your pancreas process carbohydrates) and leptin (Your hunger & fat-burnong hormone), and it produces aromatase, an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen (Most ladies understand the important of balancing these two hormones).

It basically means that being fat puts your body in a state of storing future fat even easier.
Lower testosterone brings about many serious issues like muscle loss (decreased LBM), loss of sex drive and low energy.

Add up all of these complications and the end result is being overweightwith ; an increased capacity to store fat, low energy levels and low self-esteem.

On the other hand; People with lower body-fat percentages show low conversion of testosterone to estrogen and higher sensitivity to leptin and insulin, allowing their bodies to sustain a leaner, ‘toned’ and healthier look - while still being able to still enjoy your life and worrying about storing fat as easily.

Strong is Sexy

Lastly - lifting weights in the gym and getting stronger than some of the guys out there is seriously empowering for the lady lifters of PPS.

Their confidence can improve vastly from training for strength in the Gym.
They have described their love of the feeling of hitting PB’s, training with their fellow ladies and showing up some of the guys in the weight room.

It’s good to show the guys that it’s not just a ‘man only’ zone and Women hbelong there too.
Their new bodies increased self-confidence also makes them feel much better outside of the gym which is what matters the most.

Weight training for fat loss

So when it comes to not just your physical appearance but also your; health, hormones and confidence, lifting weights or strength-training is hugely beneficial for you ladies out there.

We know many of you avoid it or are hesitant because you’re afraid of weight training making you ‘bulky’. But after transforming the lives of 1000’s of Women across Perth, we speak from experience here..

You’ll enjoy it more, have more energy, be more confident and most importantly you’ll burn more fat (and keep it off) than walking on the treadmill.

If you are based in Perth and don’t know where to get started in the Gym?
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