Strength-Training vs Cardio for Body Composition

“Why are there no Treadmills at your Gym? My goal is fat-loss!”
”I really want to focus on fast fat-loss, when should I start doing Cardio?”
“I don’t want to get too muscly, just tone up a little. Maybe strength-training isn;t for me?”

I’m sure you wonder the same things yourself and have found yourself in this very same situation.

After transforming 1000’s of physiques across Perth over the past 5 years, we feel we have the right formula in place for sustainable fat-loss & muscle-gain.

Yet, we are still presented with similar questions each week in the Gym.

Weight-Loss vs Recomp: Why We Don't Believe in Weight-Loss at PPS

Weight-Loss: The reduction of one’s body-weight as a whole
Body Recomposition:
The Positive Manipulation of Muscle-Mass while Reducing Body-Fat

This is why we don’t believe in measuring your progress on the scales at PPS

Let’s dive into this topic a little more..