Why Diets Don't Work: How To Beat The Binge And See Results That Last In The Gym

Have you ever gone through the pain and frustration of losing a lot of excess body-weight in an effort to feel: healthier, more comfortable and more confident?

You did all the right things the media tells you to do…

You cut out sugar, stopped eating carbs after 6pm, cut yourself off socially and only ate ‘healthy’ food…

You went all in and for a short while, it worked.

The weight melted off and for what felt like a split second, you saw big changes in the mirror.

But something was wrong; you felt hollow and empty inside and felt the results didn’t quite match the extreme effort you put in. Then unfortunately the results you did see, didn’t last...

Why You Should Prioritise Performance Over Pain In The Gym For Greater Results

“Man I’m really sore after the workout, it must have really worked!”

“I could really feel the burn’

“I must be on track to burn all the fats and build all the muscles this week!”

Are you measuring your progress in the gym by ‘How much pain you inflicted’ or by ‘How well you actually performed?

How to Deal With Stress and Still Achieve Your Goals in the Gym

Stress can be a results killer…

If you want to lose body-fat or gain muscle, it’s paramount to keep your stress levels under control.
Maybe it’s financial stress, relationship troubles or your boss has been on your case all day.

Either way, the release of the stress hormone - Cortisol, can lead to poor decision making and leaves you much more vulnerable to fat-gain, especially around the ol’ mid-section.

After a long stressful day of work or a break-up, skipping the gym and binging on Netflix, while downing an entire packet of Tim-Tams can seem pretty damn appealing right!?

Beyond Weight-Loss: What is Body Recomposition

Have you ever lost a tonne of weight in an effort to ‘look good naked’ or improve your self-confidence?

Maybe you even dropped a few CM’s around the waist or a few sizes in clothing…

But, you were never quite satisfied with the outcome or with what you saw in the mirror?

Fat-Loss and Breaking Away from The Herd: How to Deal With Unsupportive Peers

It’s morning tea time in the office...

You are 4 weeks deep in to your fat-loss program and about to sit down with a Tupperware container full of Chicken, Rice and Greens…

The rest of the office are half way through a box of Donuts and are feeling the need to exclude you or rub it in your face:

“Come on, just have a bite.”

“Live a little.”

“All you care about is your gains and your body.”

“We are all gonna end up in a hole in the ground anyway.”
(Yeah people actually say that)